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Upcoming Events at Paladin Brewing

Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

It's hard to believe it's been two years already since we opened our doors! We officially opened to the public on August 22, 2015 to hundreds of thirsty craft beer fans, and since then we've been fortunate to continue to grow and build amazing relationships with our amazing, loyal customers! We want to celebrate our Two-Year Anniversary on August 26th with the biggest party we've had yet. Click here to RSVP for the Facebook event. Here's what we have planned:

Limited Edition Brew - Sir Kenneth Watermelon

At 2 pm we'll tap into Sir Kenneth Watermelon! Sir Kenneth has been our most popular beer since day one, and it's the perfect time of year to infuse it with everyone's favorite summer fruit! Historically, our limited release beers don't last long, so you'll want to stop in and get it while you can!

New Brew! D20

Two years ago, we opened the doors with four beers on tap, and have since then grown to 16 full-time brews. It only seems right to release number 17 at our Anniversary Celebration on August 26, so let us introduce to you D20 (Named after the 20-sided die in D&D)! Are you a fan of the D&D World but new to the Craft Beer World? Take a chance on Paladin's D20 Cream Ale which is designed to be a clean, crisp, refreshing ale similar to an American standard lager with just a little extra malty sweet aroma to give it a slightly richer flavor. We will tap this one at 5 pm!

Limited Edition Brew - Taverns Tart

At 7 pm we'll tap into our second limited edition brew of the day, Taverns Tart! Taverns best is a great IPA all on its own, with robust hops and a subtle malty base. We have added a natural tart compound introducing lime, lemon, and both red and green apple. These flavors add a subtle mouth puckering flavor that finishes almost sweet. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Free Food

It's not a party without something to eat! Kelli will be cooking up a storm and we will have food available here at our tavern starting at 4 pm and we'll be cooking S'mores around the campfire starting at 8!

T-Shirt Giveaways

We always have a variety of Paladin T-shirts available here for purchase, and we're honored when someone chooses to wear our name. It's a rush when we see you around town with our logo across your chest. During our celebration on August 26, we will draw names from a hat and give away a Paladin shirt every 30 minutes to a patron in our tavern. You must be present to win. Come on in for your shot at some free Paladin swag while you enjoy a cold beverage!

Custom Paladin Shirts

Speaking of t-shirts, we're opening an online shop where you can custom order Paladin shirts! We've uploaded our art, and you'll be able to choose the style, color, and which Paladin art you want on your shirt. This will enable you to create and wear your own one-of-a-kind Paladin shirts!


Guess what? We started bottling! On August 26 you will be able to purchase the first batch of Paladin 22 oz. bottles. The first three, available on this day, will be Cancer Sucks ESB, Double Edge Sword, and Red Dragon with more coming soon!

September 5th - Keep it Local Austintown

Yes, thats's a Tuesday, and yes, we will be open 6 to 8 pm

Keep it Local Austintown is holding their September mixer here at Paladin on September 5th at 6pm. This event will be open to the public, especially those that live or work in Austintown!

The concept behind Keep It Local, Austintown! is to highlight the diverse personalities of those in a community that we’re passionate about growing. By offering unique networking opportunities, we can create a team of professional advocates for local businesses, organizations, and community organizations that work together to offer support, brainstorm ideas, and become a network of community activists.

Keep It Local, Austintown! strives to promote local businesses to the community by supporting businesses owners and professionals through the use of professional networking opportunities and events, social media and online presence, print material, and word of mouth. Local businesses are coming together to create and promote Keep It Local, Austintown!, and by being active in promoting the community, they are in turn receiving exposure and supporters of their own business. Click here for the Facebook event.

Hold Your Events Here

We have a lot of space, and we are eager to allow you to use it at no charge for your events, fundraisers, and benefits during our normal business hours. If you're interested please call Abby at 330-272-1494. Again, we offer this to you for FREE. We want to give back to the community which has been so good to us.

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